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Benifit of Gold Loan

Share Join PM Modi on WhatsApp As participants in the social contract, citizens in a democracy entrust governments to provide services that they cannot individually secure. However, government accountability is not inherently guaranteed by this social contract. Effective leadership becomes crucial in this complex scenario. Prime Minister Narendra Modi stands as a tall example of strong, effective leadership that can deliver on its promises. In a letter written to the people of Rajasthan on the eve of upcoming assembly elections, PM Modi recalled fondly the characteristic history of Rajasthan. He said that the state’s past is replete with examples where people have sacrificed even their lives to stay true to their word. In a similar vein, the Prime Minister enunciated ‘Modi Yaani Har Guarantee Poori Hone Ki Guarantee’. ‘Modi Ki Guarantee’ denotes Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commitment to the aspirations of the common man. It echoes the resolution of his government to serve the last man standing. It a

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